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I have a requirement of grouping the drop down list options in ASP.NET drop down server control. Do you have any idea to how to approach the issue? I am new to ASP.NET.

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A long time ago I submitted a request to the ASP.NET team for having the standard DropDownList support HTML’s optgroup tag:

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This article describes how to group radio-buttons when using them in DataGrid, DataList, Repeater etc.; Author: Vladimir Smirnov; Updated: 12 Aug 2004; Section: ASP

PHP Reference SQL Reference ASP Reference Specifies a label for an option-group: Global Attributes. The tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML.

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I have a need to group items in the Listbox similar to the OPTGROUP in a html SELECT. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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DropDownList with optgroup. my code is running fine and has no error.but dont know how to add items with option group. thanks . JItendra – Thursday,

Group options for Asp.Net DropDownList Many one of used to create the drop down lists like this

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ASP.NET 2.0, for all its bells It’s not needed, as this attribute was only meant to signal to the code that the option group tag needed to be rendered. This fixes it:

You can present a set of options either by using a drop-down list or by using an option button group. The functionality of the option button is the same as that

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