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articles, tips, study guides for amateur radio. Commercial Element 9. This self-study program is based on the April 3, 1 Response to “Commercial Element 9

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The W5YI Group through its commercial radio operator licensing division, National Radio Examiners administers all commercial radio operator license examinations.

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ARRL VEC offers testing only for FCC Amateur Radio licenses. We do not administer examinations for FCC commercial licenses and permits, including the General

The W5YI Group distributes Amateur Radio and Commercial Radio Operator license study materials and preparation aids.

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Element 1 is a requirement to obtain the Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP) and other FCC issued Commercial Radio Licenses. The FCC does not administer commercial

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There are two basic types of radio stations: commercial and non-commercial. Knowing the difference is key to planning a radio promotion campaign.

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Commercial Radio Operator License Program. FCC rules require that licensees of ship, aircraft, and international fixed public radiocommunication stations permit only

Frequency Range:400-520Mhz.HAM RADIO High-power up to 10W Talk range use on commercial and amateur reliable radio in its class Electronics: See all 466

Versatile radio for amateur and commercial use The NSTIG-8R is certified for use on commercial and amateur frequencies.

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