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Support Film on Grids. Support Film on grids has become a main product line for us since the demand for high quality coated grids has increased.

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Prime-Line – Plastic Window Grid Retainer Clip 6 Pack – These window grid retainer pins feature a steel construction and help hold your window mullion grids on the

Buy Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties Assortment With 8 Grids Plastic Organizer Storage Box Kit (Removable Dividers) – 200 pcs 4/6/8 inch Assorted Multi-Purpose Nylon Zip

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SPI Supplies Carbon Coated Nylon Grids, 3 mm diameter for TEM, Pack of 100 $113.00 Add to cart. 418NM-AB. SPI Supplies Fine Nylon 180 Mesh, 1 in (25.4 cm) x 1 in

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Nylon Grids 3

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Stencil – 1″ Grid Background by Hancy. Retail: The soft nylon mesh is open only on the design lines. Pouncing grids is the only way to go

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Carbon coated 180 mesh nylon grid for mounting samples for SEM or for X-ray and microprobe analysis of thin specimen. 3.05 mm diameter. Available of 25 grids per package.

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Nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene Plastic Mesh. Monofilament synthetic fibers can be woven very precisely to create industrial textiles with narrow pore distribution.

SPI Supplies Formvar Coated Nylon Grids, Carbon Coated pk25 $287.25 SPI Supplies Brand Formvar Coated Grids, Nickel, 400 Mesh, Pack of 100 $218.44

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Buy Photoflex Nylon Fabric Grid for Medium OctoDome (5′) features Alters Intensity and Spread of Light, Touch Fastening Attachments to Softbox. Review Photoflex

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